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    Wednesday, June 11, 2014

    The Miami Heat: The Most Hated Team Ever?

    By Darryl Rice

    Some Miami Heat fans have no idea of sports history. Contrary to their misguided beliefs, the NBA actually existed before Miami's Big 3 was formed. And just for the record, the Heat are not the most hated team in professional sports. Sorry, that title goes to the New York Yankees aka "The Evil Empire." The Heat aren't event the most hated team in the history of the NBA. That title goes to the Detroit Pistons aka The Bad Boys. The Bad Boy Pistons were actually called a bunch of thugs and low-class trash. I haven't heard anyone describe the "South Beach" Heat in such a manner, lol.

    Being "hated" typically comes with winning titles. The anti-Patriot/Brady/Billicheck movement was rampant when the Patriots established their dynasty. Review the NBA history. Look at how many people hopped on the Sacramento King's bandwagon and became C-Webb fans when the Lakers were winning. People wanted the 76ers and Pistons to beat the Lakers. Additionally, Kobe Bryant's public image was assassinated, being called the most arrogant player on Earth, a rapist, he only won rings because of Shaq, and a horrible teammate that ran Shaq off. 

    Yes, LBJ is despised to a certain degree (especially by some Cavs' fans), but I just don't see how this is worse than what other champions, especially dynasties, faced. Nobody has lobbied for LBJ to not be on Team USA like MJ lobbied for Isaiah Thomas to be left off the team. The knowledge of your team should go beyond social media. Tighten up. 

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