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    Wednesday, June 4, 2014

    #saidNICEly (Pastor Jamal Bryant's "Hoes Ain't Loyal" Sermon...)

    "When a rich pastor wants you (wants you baby)...and that heathen can't do nothing for you (nothing, noooo)..." #PastorBryantRemix LOL! I kid. 

    But you can't tell me you didn't have the beat in your head when you read that. LMAO...But seriously...The reason for the remix is because I woke up this morning to folks being mad at Pastor Jamal H. Bryant because of a 40 second clip that was posted on social media where he quotes Chris Brown's wildly popular song, "Loyal". During the sermon, the Pastor literally preaches, "Those Hoes Ain't Loyal" to an accepting audience. (Side note: I'm listening to the song now as I type this (for research of course) and I must admit, it's quite catchy.) The main reason this caught my attention is because lately I've noticed that a lot of us have been playing the GOTCHA game...You know, the GOTCHA game...That's where we find a line out of a paragraph, interview or sermon that we object to (mostly on an emotional level) and miss both the context that it was delivered in and the point of the overall message. 

    So I went online and found the sermon and listened to the whole thing because I wanted to see what the fuss was about. And just like I thought, in this day in age of cell phones, editing and social media, people can focus on one part and get all worked up when in fact, there's always more to the story. Pastor Bryant actually made some great points throughout his sermon for both men and women and honestly I don't think that one line should overshadow the entire message.  Truthfully I've never heard of him before, but I'm familiar with orators like him as well as pastors that use pop culture references in their sermons. They do that because the people respond well to that and clearly the people in the video didn't seem to have a problem with it. 

    Look, I'm not here trying to defend Pastor Bryant or what he said (and personally, I didn't have a problem with it). What I am trying to do is point out how quickly we can be mislead to believe something and get all riled up about it, especially without doing some due diligence first. And then we go out there (in person or social media) and spread our misguided opinions to the masses and before long, the truth or meat or the substance of it all no longer matters. If nothing else, it'll save you some time and drama in your life and who knows, it may open you up to hearing a message that God intended you to hear in the first place. Check out the video for yourself below. And for my fellas out there, here's a message I got from it, that I thought I'd share: 

    "You done found the right one when they are not into your car, your clothes or your income, but they got a desire to see you in the will of God, that's when you know you found somebody who's anointed."
    -Pastor Jamal H. Bryant

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